I’ve always loved orange-flavoured dark chocolate. There’s usually a bar of the Lindt chocolate in my desk at work. And Terry’s Orange Chocolates …. beyond description.

Now that I’ve been on a health kick for a month, going without any form of chocolate for the first three weeks, I’m a little fussy about what I eat. So discovering a recipe without sugar or honey, and featuring ingredients from paleo AND Fodmap – I’m in heaven.

Based on the recipe at http://the-fit-foodie.com/recipes/raw-chocolate-orange-rounds/, it’s pretty much unchanged. I went for the rice malt syrup instead of stevia or honey, for Fodmap/Whole30 reasons. Their photos are much nicer.

As a big Woolworths person, I started with these ingredients purchased at Woolies this morning:

You really do need some form of mould for these chocolates. The mixture is quite runny, and needs a shape to adapt to. I thought I had some Christmas moulds but couldn’t find them, so I ended up doing a few splotches on greaseproof paper, and some cookie cutters. Not the best option.

I’d also strongly suggest tasting the chocolate before you finish. I added a few more drops of orange juice and malt syrup to taste – otherwise it really is that strong, unsweetened 100% cocoa taste that I haven’t completely adapted to.


75g coconut oil
30g of raw cacao
1 tsp rice malt syrup
2 tbsp orange zest
1/8 cup orange juice
1 twist of rock salt


Basically just mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
Adjust syrup/juice to taste.
Pour/spoon into your moulds, on a tray covered with greaseproof paper.

These really are quite strong – best served in small decorative pieces rather than the large angel shape here. Absolutely beautiful served with a natural icecream, like Paleo banana-berry ice-cream – the recipe for that is coming very soon!