Digital Marketing

There are many aspects to digital marketing. Here are some of the things I’ve learnt over the last 10 years.

Keyword Research

Learn which tools are best for researching keywords. See what your competitors are using, and how much traffic keywords can bring.

Technical SEO

Learn about the the different tags and files that tell Google what your site is about. Learn how to use your keywords in each part of the page, and how it is used.

Google Marketing

Learn about the different types of Google Ads, and how to pay for traffic to your site.

Facebook Marketing

Learn about the different types of Facebook Ads, and how to build Facebook campaigns, and track them in analytics.

Content Marketing

Learn about content marketing – how to drive traffic to your site by creating quality content on your site, and for others.

Email Marketing

Email marketing usually has the highest conversion rate of any marketing channel. Learn what you need to do.


I think this is the most important part. How do you know which types of marketing are working, if you aren’t tracking them? Learn how to use Google Analytics properly, to measure your success.