I had a vague memory of seeing a recipe for paleo ice cream that was supposedly just bananas and berries. So I went hunting.

My first experiment was with the recipe at http://paleoleap.com/paleo-coconut-vanilla-ice-cream/. This was based around a coconut milk base – which needed heating to a custard-like texture, before adding your preferred flavouring and freezing. It didn’t really work for me – it ended up being way too hard/solid, and I wasn’t overly fussed with the flavour.

My next experiment was the recipe at http://www.amazingpaleo.com/2012/05/31/banana-berries-ice-cream/
The ingredient list initially sounded daunting, as it included all the decorations.
But the guts of it was just bananas, berries, some almond butter to make it creamy, and a little vanilla essence to taste.


Theoretically you are supposed to freeze the bananas first, and then defrost them a little so that your blender/food processor doesn’t work overtime. (Like in my first experiment).
This was a late night impulse dessert, so I just grabbed some over-ripe bananas that had gone nicely brown in my fridge. Unfrozen.


And as my blender is a little gutless, I initially mashed everything up by hand with a fork.
And then decided not to use the blender at all.


I have a 22-year-old ice cream maker that my lovely friends at Westpac gave me when I left to start a family. Because everyone knows a new mum and bub need ice cream. It still works.


So I threw in my hand-mashed mix, and left it to my trusty ice cream maker.

I waited as long as I could, but did dish it up a little early.


Only one problem. It didn’t make enough. Just one serve each for the ferals and I.

Voted as one definitely to make again. Yum. and Yum

Oops. The ingredients were:
3 bananas
½ cup of frozen raspberries
2 tablespoons of almond butter
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract